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Jan Parnham Trust

Developing Long Acre Studios into a space that can be used by the local community for creative arts, heritage, spiritualty and wellbeing

Long Acre Studios is a building of historical interest in the heart of Bingham.

In the past the building has been used as a cinema, theatre, church, advertising and photography business, workshop and exhibition space and we wish to continue use of the building for all art related purposes for the community.

Jan currently owns the building and is setting up a charitable trust, to gift the building, and seeks funds for the development of the internal space and retain and restore some of the external historical features of the building. We are a small group of local trustees, hoping to make this happen.

The space created will be used for all creative arts, heritage, spirituality and wellbeing, by the local community.

A local led organisation to create and develop a social enterprise and it is hoped that partner organisations will help to bring the project to fruition.

The building will be used as a social enterprise/not-for-profit organisation in the future. We would like local residents to be able to use and enjoy the building.

By the arts we mean -

Artists in all mediums - for example: oil, watercolour, pencil, woodcut, crayon and paper sculpture.

Craft work - fabrics, knitting, embroidery, jewellery, patchwork, floral arranging, basket work, wood carving, pottery, photography, illustration.

Music - singing, acting, performing, recitals, concerts, poetry, writing and composing.

Spiritual development - holistic healing, spirituality, wellbeing events and services.

Nature - learning, films, talks on the natural world, animals, plants, trees, insects etc.

Workshops and exhibitions on all the above.

Performances - musical, theatre, dance, films, concerts, recitals.

A place where people can hire space to meet for the events described above and similar related activities and events.